collective housing project 

West Flanders, Belgium



The brief from the developer ‘Groenstad’ was to design a collective housing project, which would achieve high density without compromising the privacy and amenity of its residents. The roofs of the three rows of houses step down following the lie of the land and maximise solar gain to the living areas and gardens. Two private east-west alleyways give access to the underground car park, allowing each of the 8 units to have their own front door and access to their external amenity spaces. The work was realised in cooperation with Flemish architect Dirk De Meyer.

Photos by Simon Kennedy.

"My house has a very open and light feeling. The gated alleyway, with access to the front doors and courtyards, gives me a very secure feeling and encourages neighbourly interactions. I particulary enjoy my living room with the large glazed partition and the courtyard with south facing terrace.”

Mieke, tenant/resident for 7 years

project model