Ideal for those at the early stages of a house purchase and in need of some inspiration and advice on the potential of their future home from an Architect. 

Ideal for those thinking of selling their house and in need of advice from an architect on innovative ways to update or remodel their home.  

‘Finding’ the perfect home might seem like looking for ‘a needle in a haystack’ but ‘creating’ the perfect home is certainly possible. Ideal for those in need of advice on choosing the right home.



This is the first step for anyone considering remodelling or extending their home, allowing you to determine what is feasible before you embark on a measured survey and detailed design work.

Once the feasibility of a project has been determined and the project brief agreed, your architect can now survey your home and build digital 3D models of what you currently have, and what you hope to achieve.

Once you have agreed the outline design you can sit back and let us take you through the planning process. Your architect will prepare detailed design plans and will submit the planning application or forms to certify permitted development.



You will get the unique opportunity to view your house through a virtual reality headset. This bespoke service is incredibly useful if you find it difficult to visualise the potential of a space. It will help you proceed with greater clarity in sourcing the material finishes for your home. 

We believe it is our clients prerogative to change their mind; sometimes design tweaks are required, circumstances change, budgets or timescales need reworking. This design revision option allows for all these situations, and more.

Health and Safety considerations should be top priority on any project. With this service we will not only help you to make sure you comply with the CDM Regulations, by acting as 'Principal Designer' on your project, but also help you to consider a holistic approach to this important subject.



For a new build project we follow the RIBA fee scale structure and process.

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