This is the first step for anyone considering remodelling or extending their home, allowing you to determine what is feasible before you embark on a measured survey and detailed design work.  

During your consultation appointment with your architect you will get the opportunity to discuss your aspirations for the project, explore ways in which design can enhance your property and together form the project brief.

Using your existing floor plans and photographs, your architect will create sketch plans from your discussions.


A consultation meeting with the architect during which you discuss and list your requirements.


Architect and client to form a project brief.


Architect to discuss ways in which design can enhance your property through remodelling the exterior and/or interior, extending, changing the windows/doors etc..


Architect to provide sketch floor plans and external perspective views to illustrate property enhancements, based on existing available photographs and floor plans.


Expert advice and estimations to achieve your dream.


This study usually leads onto our ‘Outline Design’ package.


What you will need: Drawings of your home as it stands today e.g. floorplan/sales drawings (usually provided by an estate agent).