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1023 Single to two storey

Winner of the best Extension/Remodel category-Daily Telegraph Homebuilding and Renovation Awards 2013.

This project involved adding another level to an existing bungalow to ‘grow’ the building into a spacious family home. In a stunning woodland setting we were pleased to work with an energetic and inspiring client and builder team.

Read the article here: http://www.homebuilding.co.uk/completedproject/oak-clad-bungalow-remodel





Homebuilding & Renovating magazine wrote:

“You have to be single-minded,” says restaurant manager Dan Burgess. With his wife, Liz, he has spent five years turning a cramped, one-storey, 2,000sq ft bungalow in Berkshire, into a handsomely timbered, 4,000sq ft, two-storey family home. The property won this year’s Best Extension and Remodelling Award.

“The lowest point was after three years. We had a tarpaulin on the roof, the place stank of damp, and the windowsills were so soft, you could push your finger into them. We kept thinking back to the first day we visited. The sun was shining, we saw our son running around the garden, and decided this was the place for us.”

As well as gumption and keenness, though, they say that sticking to their budget – and timescale – was essential.

“You have to keep your eye on the endgame,” explains Liz, who acted as project manager. “Many people told us we were being unrealistic with our budget and our expectations. We knew that if we went over our budget, we would have to sell the house once it was built.”

In the end it was a close-run thing. Having sold their previous house, in nearby Newbury, for £625,000, and put in another £220,000 on top, the Burgesses ended up with just £500 left in the kitty.

On the other hand, they had a home that was twice the size of the old one, more than able to accommodate their growing family (they now have three children). What’s more, it was worth an estimated £1.2 million – not a bad return, by any means.

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